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Based in Singapore, Humism is an independent watch design studio that re-imagines time. Our inaugural Kinetic Art collection is currently LIVE on Kickstarter.  (Feb 28 to Mar 30, 12.30pm EST)

Bored with generic minimalism, we break a watch down to its fundamentals — the movement of time. We use time to do art, and use art to recapture time.

Our designs are the final evolutions of a year of work and more than a thousand design drafts.

Humism is a design studio with a social heart — we donate 5% of our sales to charity.

At a Glance


Our Inspiration

Our designs emerged from a dissatisfaction with the generic minimalism that is currently flooding the microbrand watch field. We view the watch as an artistic canvas, and are excited by its unique creative possibilities. But most watches never fulfill this potential. 

We wanted to completely reimagine watch design, to create a timepiece that makes the most of this medium’s uniqueness. And the most unique and fundamental part of a watch, as we see it, is movement.

We are inspired by the potential of using time’s movement to create visual beauty, and perhaps even philosophical meaning.

In our design research, we were influenced by the Kinetic Art movement, vibrant in the 1950s. Kinetic artists broke from traditional static art, and created art that produced beauty through movement.

Design Philosophy

Since the industrial revolution, we have become subservient to external routines. Time has become a number used to regiment our lives.

Our Kinetic Art designs use the movement of time to reconceive the watch’s purpose.

Instead of a keeper of routine, our watches turn time into spellbinding art, revealing the beauty of the flowing present.

Time is no longer a number — time is beauty; time is art. The present is no longer to be planned away, but to be appreciated, as the flow of time mesmerizes and enchants us.

Giving Back

If our founder and designer, David, hadn’t stepped into the world of design, he would have been working in the non-profit field. Even now, giving back remains a personal necessity in each of his design projects.

To keep with this vision, 5% of our sales will be donated to The Red Pencil, a non-profit that uses arts therapy to help those suffering from emotional trauma. Read more about their work with survivors of natural disasters, domestic abuse and human trafficking here.

Kickstarter Details

Thank you for learning more about our project. Our Kickstarter will currently LIVE

We hit our goal in 30 min, doubled it in 1 hour, and tripled it in 1.5 hours.

Our watches are priced at $265 for Early Birds.

Backers who backed us on the first day of our launch will receive an extra free set of straps.

We are already deep into mass production. Thus, backers will receive their watches faster, and shoulder less risks, compared to other campaigns. 

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