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Updated Kinetic Art Designs

Hi backers, the Kickstarter backer survey has just been sent out. As you know, when we upgraded our discs, we also improved on the Kinetic Art designs. Here are the latest photos to help you finalize your choices. 

If you would like to order additional watches or straps beyond what you have pledged in the campaign, just indicate it in the survey, and we’ll contact you to settle the balance. For our earliest supporters, we are opening up the Kickstarter price of $265 one last time, along with a free strap with every additional watch, before they go up to the full retail price of $320. 

Thank you for supporting us all this way. We’re almost there!

If you have any questions at all, drop us an email at

01. Eudaimonia

02. Geist

03. Dasein

Silver Milanese Mesh

(Note that the mesh photos show the old Kinetic Art discs designs.)

Black Milanese Mesh