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Production Update #2: Upgraded Disc Details

Hi backers,

We’re sorry that it took so long for this update to materialize. Finalizing paperwork took longer than anticipated, as we nitpicked over the minute details of the CAD drawings. Well, we’re finally ready to give you the detailed run-through on the disc upgrades!

This update is a little long, covering the mechanics and processes behind the upgrade, the updated designs, and the updated timeline. After reading, please take a minute to complete this survey so we can gauge the demand of each updated design.

While 90% of the watch components have been completed (cases, straps, movements, dials, crystals, etc.) the two things we are still working on are the Kinetic Art discs and the box designs.

A preview of our box designs. It's Kinetic Art, too!

Towards the end of our Kickstarter campaign, after discussions with other watchmakers and designers, we decided to upgrade our Kinetic Art discs from brass to aluminum. Aluminum is about three times lighter than brass, and thus allows the discs to be more stable, which in turn drastically increases durability and accuracy. This is a relatively new innovation, with suitable aluminum discs really only emerging the past few years.

This was a pretty tough decision, as we would have to toss out more than five hundred sets of brass discs we had already made, and repeat an entire stage of the manufacturing process, which would throw our production schedule a little out of whack. Aluminum discs are also several times more expensive than brass discs, which would come out of our own pockets, since we were determined to not increase prices for our backers. In the end though, being perfectionists, we decided that durability and accuracy is worth the sacrifice of cost and speed.

After several weeks of conducting preliminary trials ourselves, we have begun a new partnership with a Japanese disc manufacturer — which is partly why paperwork and preparation took so long — it had to go to Japan and back! The past few weeks have been spent reviewing the details of the CAD drawings and material finishing together before we begin tooling.

Redoing all our Kinetic Art discs has shifted our production schedules somewhat, and have honestly taken longer than we had previously anticipated. The decision to switch to our current Japanese manufacturer, who is much more experienced (and more expensive) added further to the delay. Basically, instead of a July shipping date as anticipated, we are shifting our projected shipping date to September. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the new timeline:

Updated Timeline

Our most sincere apologies for the delay — we know that you have been looking forward to our watches for a few months now. This was a tough choice for us, and we are equally disappointed that our projections have to be pushed back. In the end, we hope that it’ll be worth the delay for a more durable and accurate watch. Thank you for your understanding.

The good news though, is that this upgrading process has allowed us to improve our Kinetic Art designs based on feedback we have received from our backers. For 01. Eudaimonia and 03. Dasein, the changes are subtle, primarily made to increase the designs’ white space. We have created some mocks of these new designs, which you can compare to those on our main campaign page:

01. Eudaimonia
03. Dasein

The changes we made to 02. Geist are much more stark. We wanted to drastically up the dynamism of the piece, while keeping the original forms. To do this, we upped the number of ‘blades’ from 7 to 12, and minimized the size of each one. This “speeds up” the movement, making the kinetic art ever more striking, while preserving the organic forms that is the essence of the piece.

02. Geist

Now that you’ve seen the updated designs, we have a quick survey for you, to gauge the demand for each design before bulk production. This is not the final backer survey though! That’ll be sent out when we have photos of the completed aluminum disc designs.

Here’s the survey link:

Well, we hope you found this update enlightening! Massive apologies for the delay again, but we hope that you now have a clearer understanding of the process, and have more reasons to look forward to your watches!