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Production Update #2: Discs Update & Box Designs

Hi backers,

Here’s a quick update on our aluminum discs and our new boxes. We have just received the samples of the new aluminum discs from our Japanese manufacturer a few days ago, and are in the middle of testing them right now. They look good so far, so we are on schedule!

Disc samples of 01. Eudaimonia
Disc samples of 01. Eudaimonia

We have also finished designing our watch box, and have sent the designs off to the box manufacturers. Designing the box was quite a journey, as the design evolved dramatically over three hundred iterations. We are proud to now have a box that is as much Kinetic Art as the watch it will house.

The design consists of two parts — an external slip and the box which it protects. The external slip has cut-out patterns, which overlaps with the silver design printed on the box itself. When the slip is pulled out, the patterns intersect, creating illusions of speed and space. Here are some mock-ups to give you an idea of how it will look like.

Slip and Box
Watch box with the external slip. The letters will be in a glossy black.
Watch box without the external slip.
Watch box Kinetic Art Animation

Hope you enjoyed the update!