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Our Donation to Charity

Hi backers,  

As you know, as part of our mission, 5% of Humism’s sales goes to charity. Our nonprofit partner for this Kickstarter is The Red Pencil, an organization that uses arts therapy to help those suffering from emotional trauma. Their previous projects have included working with refugees in Lebanon, earthquake survivors in Nepal, and victims of human trafficking in Cambodia. 

 A week ago, we’ve formally donated the sum of SGD 6847 (USD ~5000) to The Red Pencil. This sum will go towards a six week arts therapy program for caregivers and psychotherapists working in Qushtapa refugee camp in Kurdistan. They will use their newly acquired skills to attend to the emotional well-being of the 7000+ refugees living in the camp, who include survivors of sexual abuse, torture and slavery, and children survivors of the ongoing war.


Now, for a quick update on the production schedule: we are currently in the thick of final watch assembly. Unfortunately we have been slightly delayed, as the delivery of the Kinetic Art discs was late by a week because the manufacturer had to redo part of the order due to a miscommunicated measurement. We hope to still be on track for a late September shipping date though — we’ll keep you informed. 

Lastly, the watch box prototypes are out, and here’s a quick peak at them:

We’re almost there!