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Mr Christakis Psyllides (Clapham, GB)
Daesin....worth the money?

At this price point, you won't find a better watch. Period. Been collecting for 30 years and have and them all from Breguet and Patek, George Daniels, Grand Seiko all the way to small independent guys like yourselves.

Anyway, here are the Pros...

Dial. Brilliant. Love it.

Case is very well made. Some signs of some cost-cutting in the matte finish of the case, but again at sub £1000 you may not find much better. Only downside to the cost cutting is the use of Lazer etching all over the back and the crown. Nothing too surprising here at this price though.

Sapphire Glass. Really surprised that they managed to put both front and back sapphire glass in. Again, at this price point that may be unheard off. I cannot see a mention of whether the glass has any anti reflective coating, but it's very legible at any angle and in any light so I am thinking they must have at least 2 or 3 layers.

Strap. Very comfortable straight away and the quick release system is fantastic and a welcome relief from the normal mass produced brands that still don't include this.

Movement. A classic Seiko NH movement. Very reliable and easy to service or repair if the need should ever occur.

Now the cons....and these are very small, but no watch is perfect....ever.

Rotor. Do not like the Lazer etching on the rotor. Don't bother with it. In fact I would save some money and have a solid back. It's not a very attractive movement and I think it cheapens the overall package.

Luminescence. My big bugbear here and the only thing I do not like and seems like a missed opportunity to me. Why oh why did you guys not use luminescence on the white would have made a massive difference and added to the design aesthetic immeasurably....a real pity.

In short, fantastic watch. Probably my favourite piece at the moment and compares in quality to any watch I have under £1k.

Lose the Sapphire at the back and spend the saving on luminescence in the dial. My only advice.

John Pelosi (Chepstow, GB)
Outstanding, unique high quality watch

I must admit to being both slightly excited and apprehensive to add this watch to my collection. A really unique piece which must have been challenging to manufacture (the discs at least), and as always with a Kickstarter start up, there is apprehension over the quality and how well they will deliver. When the watch arrived, however, I was absolutely over the moon! The quality of the finish is really excellent - up to the standards of watches many times more expensive. Every element, right down to the "kinetic" packaging oozes design excellence and a real artistic flair. The watch itself is truly mesmerising, and my wife (who usually treats my watch collecting with a mixture of indifference and occasional irritation!) is absolutely captivated by the design. It is like having your own little zen meditation on your wrist.

While I had a minor hiccup with delivery (at our local post office end, so no fault of Humism), the issue was very quickly and very professionally resolved by the team. I have to say the level of professionalism and quick, friendly communication has been exemplary from start to finish. Every aspect of the company, their products and service has been top notch, and I am delighted to recommend them.

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of a Eudaimonia watch - and would not be surprised if I add further humism designs to my collection in the future!

Albert (San Ramon, US)
Very Mesmerizing!

I’ve had my Dasein for a month now and it’s keeping perfect time. It is part of my rotation and it gets a lot of compliments. The constant changing patterns is truly mesmerizing. I would like to see these in larger case sizes in the 41mm-43mm range. I look forward to seeing what David creates in the future.

Mike Shetzer (London, GB)
Love it!

Gorgeous design, literally head turning. So many people are mesmerised by it, I'm constantly asked about where I got it from and what the heck is actually going on with it. The only thing that would bump it to 5 stars would be if the watch face was a bit larger, as it is a bit small on my wrist, but that's just personal preference.

Shawn (Moncton, CA)
Amazing design

This is a true fashion meets function watch. The rotating dial creates a unique and amazing allusion and the overall quality is great. Highly recommend this watch to anyone looking to stand out from the average watch look. As a side note, I ordered the black Milanese mesh band to go with it and I feel that it really matches the watch face well.

Florian (Mont-de-Marsan, FR)
Great and original

Excellent piece of watchmaking.
This is a stunning and very original design, which stays on the sensible and "wearable" side of timekeepers. I love the attention to details, the straps are good too (the milanese is a must-have here).
Despite the look, the time is still very readable, except when the two spots overlap :)
Very good as a day-to-day watch, which is a good sign of a succesful design.

And the price makes it a bargain. Really. It does.

T. (Hove, GB)
Be aware of unexpected Duty fee's

unbeknownst to me, my parcel arrived with large sums of duty fees (an extra 20% of the cost of the watch) that had to be paid to receive the order. Humism does not pay for any duty fees on their end and expects you to cover any of these costs as per their terms.
You should research before purchasing what your country will charge and consider this as the full price of the watch before you order.

This should really be made more clear for the customer at checkout, as it's not the best customer experience being gouged by the taxman at your front door.

Aside from the aforementioned toil, the quality of the product and packaging is great and lives up to all the expectations that previous reviewers have mentioned, just transparency on the total cost at checkout could be improved.

Aslak Mawn (Copenhagen, DK)
It’s beautiful ;))

Pros and cons are fun right? Let’s start with pros:
It’s a pretty damn cool design
It’s got sapphire on both sides
It’s got a normal movement which most watchshops can service, i think?
It’s hella
Quick release springbars make it easy to switch strap

No lume. To be fair, i can’t see a way to give it lume without messing too much with the design
Getting hit with import duties suck.
The default leather strap is nothing special

To sum it up, this little humism watch is awesome and worth getting.

Loot (Oss, NL)
Small & Fat

Cool piece but way fatter and smaller then expected. High quality material watch, can't say the same for the packaging. For 299,- (excluding import tax) you are better off buying an Apple watch, but if you want something a little bit more exclusive, this is the brand for you.

Hugh Akston (Silverdale, US)

My Kato arrived yesterday, and I love it. As others have said, these watches are gorgeous and mesmerizing. Truly a work of art. This is my first humism watch, but it will not be my only one. I would order a Eudaimonia if it were still being produced. I look forward to more designs from Dave! The only thing I would change is to add lume to the hour dot and minute circle; maybe in a future design?

Kim Stéen (Malmo, SE)
Very cool!

The watch "Dasein" is a very cool watch to own. It's quite unique and the quality is better then expected. A real conversation piece that can be looked upon as a piece of jewelry as well as a watch.

Antoine Cazalet (Reims, FR)
People will ask you questions !

Great design, excellent craft and mesmerizing effect. It makes quite an effect at work, where people really get attracted by the optical illusion and start asking questiions. It usually makes a good ice-breaker too. I have bought two different designs and would recommend both.

尚宏 濱田 (Funabashi, JP)
Perfect watch

I love this watch. I have Geist model and wear it everyday.
The watch design is really beautiful.
It gives me a joy.
It's really innovative and beautiful watch!

Thuf (Marseille, FR)
I love it

I fell in love with this watch when the kickstarter campaign came out, i bought it and it's AWESOME, i was afraid to be disapointed but it's a way better than i expected. This model is wonderful !
Awesome watch, awesome package, awesome price, keep going humism! I'm waiting for more and more creative and artistic designs! :)

Zach (Chicago, US)
Skip the "measuring" contest

The only statement watch you'll ever need. Watch nerds can't fault the quality or style, and everyday people will find it infinitely cooler than the watch nerd's 5-figure Rolex :)

Fatima H (Hamburg, DE)
Beautiful Watch, Perfect Customer Service

I bought it for my husband's first birthday after our wedding. It's beautiful. Very unique and special.
Had a bit of delay in customs and Raymond from the Humism Team was extremely supportive in helping me figure that out. Great, personalised service. I'm sure this won't be the last of these I get :D

Belinda (Las Vegas, US)
5 Gold Stars

The timepiece is exquisite!!!
The customer service is outstanding....
I must admit I was skeptical about ordering near the holiday season, but I tell you they must have magic dust!!!! The watch arrived in time beautifully packaged. You won’t be disappointed, trust me!!!
Thanks again Mr Boutros 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Ik (Malmo, SE)
Incredibly soothing

I stumbled across the Humism kickstarter on a social media ad and the moving patterns caught my eye immediately. This is the most expensive Kickstarter I have ever backed, so I was a little apprehensive. Well, my Kato watch arrived yesterday, and i am actually so surprised! It is so so so beautiful and I really love it. It's incredibly soothing to look at, the perfect calming tool if you (like me) are prone to stress and anxiety. Let's hope it lasts for many years!

My only criticism is that I would have liked the option to get a shorter leather strap with the watch; it looks really awkward and chunky to wear it on its shortest setting on my slim wrists, with the long tail that always manages to escape the hoop. (Using the Milanese strap though and it looks + feels great.)

S. Silva (Coevorden, NL)
fine art watch!

this watch you can wear it anywhere you want and good looking just great piece of art. Congrats to the designer!
the designer is a friendly person wants to help you anytime you want.
I wish them good luck with there company and hope for the best because i recommend this watch to anyone!

I really love the watch and hope to see more of Humism, in the future!

with kind regards,

S. Silva

Joshi (Boston, US)
Love it!

The kinetic design looks even better in real life than in pictures and videos. Love wearing it. I have already received several compliments about my watch! And it has sparked some fun conversations. Customer service is top notch. Would recommend Humism wholeheartedly to anyone interested in wristwatches with innovative design.

AY (Chula Vista, US)
The Perfect Gift 💝

My husband is not a watch collector and doesn’t wear much jewelry but he does like art and conversation pieces and unique items. This watch succeeded in surprising and delighting him on his birthday and both of us continue to be in awe at this beautiful work of art! High quality materials and mesmerizing mechanics. Incredibly happy with this purchase! I would give it an extra star if I could 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Scott Brenner (New York, US)
Awesome Watch

This is a quality watch and it is mesmerizing. The leather strap is great and I love the pin innovation to help you attach the straps. BUY THIS will NOT be disappointed.

Alan Schindler (Denver, US)
Conversation starter

At this price point the watch offers a ton of value. It feels like a 500-$1000 watch. Also looks and feels great on the wrist. Ive gotten a bunch of positive comments in just a few days of having it on my wrist. Im happy Humism popped up on my Insta feed.

Kasoon Lee (Goyang-si, KR)
Pleasure watch

I wear this watch and have fun every time I see it.
Before checking the time, I take a shot at the complex geometry that emerges from the simplicity of the dial.

I also like the strap.

Matthew Alinson (Batley, GB)
Art for your wrist

Just received my new Rhizome watch following a Kickstarter project 2019/20. It’s a beautiful product that is very well presented. It has a smooth movement and really does make a statement is a understated yet striking way. The fact it also provides a charitable donation too makes it all the more special.

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