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Humism is as much an art studio as a watch brand, viewing the watch as a creative canvas with unique design possibilities.


A watch is more than a timekeeper. At Humism, we view the watch as an art canvas. An unique and challenging art canvas.

We want to re-imagine watch design, to create a timepiece that makes the most of this medium's uniqueness. And the most unique and fundamental part of a watch, as we see it, is movement.

We are inspired by the potential of using time's movement to create visual beauty, and perhaps even philosophical meaning. We want to create kinetic sculptures for your wrist.


We draw inspiration from the Kinetic Art movement, vibrant in the early 20th century. Kinetic artists broke from traditional static art pieces, and created art that produced beauty through movement.

These innovative visual experiences created new interactive relationships between the artwork and the viewer.


Design is an incremental and often meandering process as we research, experiment, discard, and refine. The journey from initial idea to final product took more than 19 months.

More than a thousand drafts were created as ideas evolved. We conducted seven rounds of reviews and testing involving more than 200 people. It didn't help that we are perfectionists, tweaking every detail and casting way too many prototypes to make sure each nanometer was perfect. 

Our designs are the final evolutions of a year of inspiration and hard work. 


Our kinetic sculptures uses the movement of time to reimagine the watch's purpose.

Our designs reject the role that time has taken in the modern world, a number that regiments our lives.

Instead of a keeper of routine, our watches turn time into spellbinding art, revealing the beauty of the flowing present.

Time is no longer a number — time is beauty, time is art. The present is no longer to be planned away, but to be appreciated, as the flow of time mesmerizes and enchants us.

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