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For Art to endure, it needs a strong foundation. Every one of our watches is meticulously crafted from premium materials sourced from around the world. There are no short-cuts to Quality.


Japanese Automatic

Automatic watches are powered by human motion. Your arm's movement propels hundreds of precisely assembled gears and springs — a feat of engineering artistry.

The Japanese Seiko NH35A that powers our watch is famed for its durability and reliability. A generation ahead of the already robust 7S26, the NH35A is more refined and more accurate.

While we turn time into art, through the automatic watch, you turn movement into time. This relationship is symbolized in our custom rotor design, showcased through the open case-back.

The design is also a tribute to the Kinetic artists of the last century, who pondered the tensions between human and machine.


Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire Crystal is incredibly scratch-resistant, rating '9' on the Mohs scale of hardness, just a spot behind diamonds. We use sapphire crystal for both the top and bottom glass, with additional anti-reflective coating applied on the top glass.


316L Surgical Steel

To frame our kinetic art, we designed a case that is minimalistic, almost geometric, with carefully balanced proportions, symmetrical bevels, and clean, angular forms.

The case is made from brushed 316L surgical steel, a step above the more common and less resilient 304L steel.


Kinetic Art Discs

To ensure accuracy and durability, our discs are impossibly thin and light. Products of years of research, these discs are crafted with proprietary Japanese technology. 


Italian Leather

We use full-grain leather for our straps — the strongest and most natural-looking type of leather, as it comes from the uppermost surface of the hide, where all the "grain" is preserved.

Our leather is vegetable-tanned — a natural leather processing method that is much more time-consuming than the more commonly found chemical-based chrome-tanning method.

All our straps are built with quick release pins, allowing you to easily change styles.  


Milanese Mesh

First forged in 19th century Italy, these straps are uniquely stylish, comfortable, and hardy. Available as an extra style option, add a set to your order if you'll like to change it up, or foresee getting your watch wet.


Quality Control

We are perfectionists here at Humism. All watches are put through a series of stringent quality control tests, such as water resistance and drop tests. We manually regulate each watch to ensure they keep time accurately.

Multiple inspections are carried out throughout the assembly process, and each watch undergoes a final painstaking personal inspection before packaging. 

Our watches come with an 18 month warranty.

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