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Thank you for thinking of pre-ordering one of our watches! Here're a few more details to make the process clearer. A watch listed as a pre-order on our web-studio is still in production, which means we are still in the process of preparing the components and assembling the watch. By pre-ordering, you make sure you can receive one of our watches, which sell out fast. Pre-orders also come with an additional milanese mesh strap, which you can get for free by applying the code TIMEFORART after you add the milanese mesh to your cart. 

We display an estimated date in which the production will be completed and the watch will be ready for shipping. We must emphasize that this date is just an estimate though, as production consists of many moving parts, and thus is often uncertain, especially in these times of covid-19. Further, we emphasize quality every step of the way, so we prefer to be meticulous, rather than rush the process to get your watches out sooner. 

Here's a detailed picture of where production is right now. The main bottleneck in our production process is the kinetic art discs, which are made with propriety Japanese technology, and are quite difficult to craft. While the staff working on the discs are all back to work now, after a month-long covid-19 quarantine, the process have been slower than usual, as production lines are backed up due to the shut-down.

Here are the production details and shipping estimates for each watch design. Do check back as we will update this space with ongoing details: 

Eudaimonia Helios: We have received the discs, and the watches have finished assembly. They are in the midst of quality control and testing now, and should be ready to ship late next week if all goes well (around 5th June).

Rhizome: For Orders before 30 May: Your watch is in the final stages of quality control and should be ready to ship late next week if all goes well (around 5th June). For Orders after 30 May: We are waiting for more kinetic art discs from our supplier, so the shipping timeline remains a little uncertain -- possibly late June. 

Dasein Helios: Final assembly for this design should be completed next Thursday (June 4th), and then it'll be another week for quality control and testing before we are ready to ship (estimate: June 12).

Kato:  We have not receive the discs yet. Unfortunately, we have just received word from our supplier that the discs will be further delayed till sometime in June. Production estimates for this is a bit more uncertain as the discs remain a fluid variable. 

There has already been one delay, from late April to May, also due to these kinetic art discs. Our initial April estimate did not factor in the slowed down production processes even after the staff resumed work. To those who had pre-ordered with this earlier estimate in mind, I'm sorry for the long wait. However, as we have started receiving batches of discs now, we are optimistic that we are back on track. I will continue to update this page as more production updates are received.  

I hope this has elucidated the pre-ordering process for you. If you have any further questions, or need your watch urgently, please contact us by email, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for checking out our design studio.

David Sze
Designer & Founder

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