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Our warranty protects your watch from manufacturing defects over the period of 18 months from the date of purchase.

The warranty does not extend to watch straps. The warranty also does not cover damage incurred directly or indirectly from general wear, abuse, neglect, misuse or accidents. The warranty does not protect against damage that occurs as a result of unauthorized or incorrect adjustment, modification, disassembly, or servicing.

The warranty only cover items purchased by you through our online store or through authorized resellers. A valid certification of authenticity, and proof of purchase is required.

If your watch falls under warranty, we will repair or replace it, with a watch of similar value and appearance, at our discretion.

In the majority of cases, the repair or replacement will be completed within 3 to 5 weeks excluding shipping times. However, there might be factors outside our control, such as lack of parts, holidays, or difficult repairs that may affect processing times.

To initiate a warranty claim, please email us at:


Our Automatic Kinetic Art watches are exquisite timepieces. But the watch's complexity also means that it needs loving care to remain in perfect condition. Here are some tips.


Your watch is water resistant to 5 ATM, which means it is water resistant. However, we do not reccomend swimming with it, as it is not classified as a dive watch. Do also keep it away from salt water, hot water and steam. Additionally, the leather straps are prone to water damage, so avoid getting them wet. Think about ordering an extra Milanese mesh if you foresee getting your watch wet.

Shock & Sports

As the Kinetic Art discs are relatively fragile, protect your watch from hard knocks and intense movements. We advise taking off your watch before doing sports with vigorous movements. Excessive shock will also damage the watch's automatic movement.

Winding your watch

Your watch will wind down if left alone for around 40 hours. When you first received your watch, it was probably in this state. To wind up the watch again, simply put it on and adjust it to the correct time. Note that it might take some time to "kick-start" the movement.

You can also manually wind the watch by turning the crown clockwise at its normal position. 60 complete turns will fully wind the watch. If you are wearing the watch daily, it will not require hand winding. Do not wind your watch while wearing it, as doing so will put stress on the stem.

Protecting your Automatic movement

To protect the movement, avoid extreme temperature variations and keep your watch away from magnetic fields, which may reduce its accuracy.

Wear your watch regularly to prevent the lubricants inside from hardening. If you are not wearing your watch, try to wind it at least once per week.

While automatic watches do not require batteries, we recommend getting your watch serviced by a professional every four to five years. 

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